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There are several factors which are essential to successfully defending against accusations of criminal acts. One is intimate knowledge of the law and experience with how police and prosecutors conduct themselves and the other is truly caring about the well-being of those you defend. At Michael S. Martin, P.C., I have worked for years to protect the rights of locals who have been accused of a wide variety of criminal offenses. My time spent as a prosecutor affords you the opportunity to be represented by a Tracy criminal defense lawyer who knows how police gather evidence in a criminal case and the methods used by prosecutors to win cases. In many instances, this can provide the edge needed to reach a favorable conclusion to the charges you now face.

If you are convicted, the punishments can include the suspension or revocation of your driver's license, large fines, restitution to victims, probation and time spent in jail or prison and parole. With a permanent criminal record, education and employment opportunities and other important elements of your life can be adversely affected and my firm works to prevent this from occurring.

With these consequences in mind, my goal is to seek and implement the best strategy for your case. Each crime is unique and a defense that may work for one will not be the most advantageous for another. People are falsely or improperly charged and, where possible, I work to get the charges against you dismissed. Police and prosecutors do make mistakes and these can sometimes be utilized to reduce the charges against you and severely weaken the prosecution's case. A reduction in charges can mean a lessening of the penalties that you may eventually face. If your case must go to trial, I strive to take advantage of flawed police investigations and evidence or errors in the prosecutor's actions to produce a finding of not guilty.

If an attorney tells you that no matter what occurred and the evidence against you, that they can always "get you off," then they are not being truthful. At times, the best outcome to a case can be achieved through properly conducted plea bargaining or communication to the court regarding sentencing alternatives designed to keep you out of jail or, at minimum, reduce the amount of time you are incarcerated.

Coming face to face with criminal charges is never easy and the outcome can affect the rest of your life. I understand this and work to see to it that false or incorrect charges or a mistake that was made are resolved in the best manner possible. To see some of the areas in which I provide legal services, please read on.

Practice Areas

DUI You face a DMV hearing regarding the suspension of your driving privileges and criminal prosecution if you have been arrested on a DUI charge. I work hard to see that your rights are upheld throughout all legal proceedings while striving to produce the most favorable outcome that can be reached to the charges against you. Considering the harsh penalties for conviction, it is vital that you have a knowledgeable attorney to represent your best interests. Read more about DUI...

Drug Crimes A drug crime can run the gamut from possession, cultivation, manufacture and transportation to drug importation and sales. They can be prosecuted as either misdemeanors or felonies and, in certain instances, as a federal crime with more severe penalties including lengthy prison sentences. I use my experience as a former prosecutor towards getting your charges either reduced or dismissed. Learn more about drug crimes...

Federal Crimes When crimes are prosecuted in a federal court, the stakes become higher. If you are found guilty of a federal offense, the result can be fines into the hundreds of thousands of dollars and many years of incarceration. With certain federal crimes, you can be sentenced to a life term in prison. You will need an attorney who has intimate knowledge of the justice system and how your charges can be effectively resolved. Find out more about federal crimes...

Theft Crimes Being convicted of a theft crime can prevent you from obtaining certain professional licenses, impair your ability to secure a loan, bar employment opportunities and affect other essential elements of your life. My time as a prosecutor assists me to understand the evidence that has been gathered and will be used against you and how to successfully prevail against the charges you face. At times, my negotiations can keep the charges off your permanent record. Read more about theft crimes...

White Collar Crimes/Embezzlement Crimes such as identity theft, fraud, bribery, extortion and embezzlement all fall under the broad category of white collar crimes. They all have in common the attempt to take or obtain property or money illegally and in some cases these crimes can be prosecuted at the federal level. If action is taken quickly, I can sometimes prevent you having to appear before a grand jury or head off a police investigation that may affect you. Learn more about white collar crimes/embezzlement...

Contact a Tracy criminal defense attorney from my firm when you or a loved one has been charged with a criminal offense and need legal protection.

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As a former prosecutor, I have handled an extensive and heavy caseload and spent countless hours negotiating with other attorneys and preparing for and taking cases to trial. As a prosecutor I handled over 500 arraignments, 40 cases to resolution, and five jury trials, including a six week special circumstance homicide trial, as a second chair attorney. It is this experience that I will bring to your case. You can be assured, my office will communicate with you as your case develops and zealously represent you. While my office handles a variety of types of cases I have dedicated a majority of my practice to representation in criminal law, bankruptcy, and personal injury.