As divorce is the action of legally ending your marriage, there are many areas of concern that affect you and your spouse along with children. The decisions that you make now can have lasting consequences and it is important that you have the guidance of a knowledgeable Tracy family law attorney. Without this assistance, even if your divorce is amicable, mistakes can be made which can require further legal actions in the future and can be the cause of friction that could have otherwise been avoided.

The decision to divorce reaches beyond just the separation of two individuals and into issues such as child and spousal support, child custody, visitation rights and property division. Your divorce will not be granted by the court without these areas being properly decided upon and this is where Michael S. Martin, P.C. can be of great service to you and your family. My firm works to see that each of these aspects of your divorce are resolved in accordance with the law and in a way that will work best for all concerned parties. While divorce can hardly ever be considered an easy process, it can be made less painful and with the prospect of a better future when all factors are correctly considered and taken care of.

What if my divorce becomes contested?

A divorce becomes contested when you and your spouse are not able to agree upon key issues. When this is the case, both sides will have a chance to give their side of the divorce to the court and to express what they feel should be done to dissolve the marriage. Many times, discovery must be done to determine the assets involved in the marriage and to ensure that community property is divided in a just manner. In California, community property is generally considered all that you and your spouse own together from the moment your marriage started until you are separated.

Each of the legal issues that must be addressed can become complex and by using an attorney who is concerned for your welfare, your attention can be on you and your family during this tough time.

For assistance in resolving the key issues of any divorce, please contact a Tracy divorce lawyer from my firm.

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