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At Michael S. Martin, P.C., my practice encompasses all of your legal needs in matters of legal separation and divorce and related issues. I take pride in the help I have provided to the local community on their family law issues and look forward to assisting you and your family through what may be a tough time. If I represent you well, you can put the bulk of your attention on yourself and your family, where it should be, while I concern myself with the legal issues.

I begin by listening to your situation and what you want to accomplish. I use my extensive knowledge of the core issues of any separation or divorce - child and spousal support, child custody and visitation rights and property division towards helping you achieve what you want, in alignment with the laws of our state. Having an attorney represent you is advantageous for a number of reasons but key amongst those is the fact that how issues are settled now will, to a great degree, negatively or positively affect your life in the future. Commonly, a divorce can be so unsettling that you may not be looking ahead to important financial matters, how child custody and visitation will be taken care of and won't know the court's guidelines on these matters. Additionally, divorce can swiftly become adversarial and emotional and a dedicated Tracy family lawyer will be needed to see that your goals are kept in mind and achieved.

Who gets custody of the children, who retains the family home, how are your property and assets divided, how your credit can be protected and many other questions all require legal answers. For some, it is vital to know the differences between divorce and a legal separation so that they choose the one that is best for them. I strive to provide the full and factual information on which you can make informed decisions. Once those decisions are made, it is my job to get them implemented.

If your divorce becomes contested, final judgments will be made by the court based on input from your attorney. You want to be represented by someone who has a background of court appearances and success in this arena. As a former prosecutor, I know court procedures and how to achieve a favorable judgment on my client's behalf. At the conclusion of your legal separation or divorce, you want to walk away knowing that you did the best for you and your family and that is what I am here to assist you to accomplish.

Areas of Practice

Divorce Although divorce proceedings are seldom easy, I strive to make the process understandable and less difficult while ensuring that your best interests are well protected. Issues of child custody and support, visitation rights, property division and spousal support all require knowledgeable legal assistance so that the court will issue a final divorce decree in a manner that aligns with your wishes. Read more about divorce...

Legal Separation Legal separation differs from divorce in that although you are no longer living with your spouse, your marriage is not terminated in the eyes of the state. You must, however, still resolve the key issues of interest to the court in the same manner. I provide you with full information as to the differences between legal separation and divorce, why one may suit your individual circumstances better and help you to carry out the process which suits you best. Learn more about legal separation...

Child Custody Should there be sole or joint custody of your children after divorce? Who should get custody and how does that affect visitation rights? If my divorce is contested, what will the court base its decision on in order to decide these important custody matters? I understand that these and other questions are important and can become the cause of conflicts in a divorce. To get answers and positive solutions, find out more about child custody...

Property Division California is a community property state and as such, issues of who retains what property and assets in a divorce can quickly become complex and the source of divorce problems. It is important that you consider life after divorce, as decisions made now can greatly affect the road ahead for you and your family. I know the property division laws and work towards making certain that assets are divided in an equitable manner. Read more about property division...

I invite you to contact a Tracy family law attorney from my firm if you are a local resident who desires proven assistance with any divorce or legal separation matters.

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As a former prosecutor, I have handled an extensive and heavy caseload and spent countless hours negotiating with other attorneys and preparing for and taking cases to trial. As a prosecutor I handled over 500 arraignments, 40 cases to resolution, and five jury trials, including a six week special circumstance homicide trial, as a second chair attorney. It is this experience that I will bring to your case. You can be assured, my office will communicate with you as your case develops and zealously represent you. While my office handles a variety of types of cases I have dedicated a majority of my practice to representation in criminal law, bankruptcy, and personal injury.