Foreclosure Defense

Stopping Foreclosure through Bankruptcy

When crushing debts threaten your ability to retain your home, or if you feel that they soon will, it is time to seek the aid of a compassionate Tracy bankruptcy lawyer from Michael S. Martin, P.C.. I know that the thought of losing your home can be devastating and that is why my firm provides foreclosure defense to local residents to help protect what is, for most, their most valued asset.

Commonly, severe debt problems create a situation where an individual is no longer able to keep up with their mortgage payments. A chief method of preventing foreclosure and resolving the underlying debt condition is through the bankruptcy process. Whether you file for Chapter 7 or 13, once I prepare and submit your petition to the bankruptcy court, it will result in immediate orders which can stop or prevent your home from being foreclosed on. These court-issued orders also put a quick halt to any form of creditor harassment, debt litigation, wage garnishments and repossessions.

Alternative Solutions to Foreclosure

My firm can assist you to understand bankruptcy and whether it is the most advantageous way for you to prevent foreclosure. It is urgent that we move quickly as bankruptcy will not be effective if the deadline for foreclosure has passed. Chapter 7 bankruptcy gives you the option to hold onto your home while keeping your mortgage payments up. As this form of bankruptcy legally discharges your debts, it can put you in a much better position to make your house payments in the future. In Chapter 13, your home falls under the rules for exemption of property in bankruptcy and in many cases your mortgage can be adjusted to make the payments more manageable.

There are other tools that can be used to avoid the negative effects of foreclosure if bankruptcy is not the best method for you. It may be that a short sale of your home will put you in a bettered financial condition. Sometimes, a loan modification or finding violations of the Truth in Lending Act (TILA) will allow me to provide the foreclosure defense you need. I work to provide the best outcome possible to your foreclosure troubles.

Find out how you can prevent foreclosure and its negative impacts; quickly contact a Tracy foreclosure defense attorney for assistance.

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