Theft Crimes

Robbery, Burglary and other Offenses

As theft offenses are considered "crimes of moral turpitude," conviction can result in being barred from certain professional certificates and licenses by state licensing boards. Real estate, nursing, contractors and other licenses may all be denied to you if you are found guilty. Conviction can not only affect future employment opportunities, but also your ability to obtain certain loans and other important aspects of your life. It is essential, therefore, to be represented by a dedicated Tracy criminal defense lawyer when you stand accused of any type of theft crime.

I am a former prosecutor and my firm, Michael S. Martin, P.C., is dedicated to assisting locals through the protection of their rights and in resolving their theft crime charges in the most optimum way possible. While the penalties for these offenses could never be considered light, the exact punishments you face will be determined by the value of property that was allegedly stolen, the use or threat of violence in committing the act of theft plus other circumstances surrounding the crime.

By using a lawyer who has worked on the prosecutorial side of the fence, you gain someone who knows police investigations, what prosecutors will do to convict you and how this knowledge can be used in mounting a criminal defense on your behalf.

Tracy Theft Crime Attorney

I know that an individual can be caught in the legal system with evidence which is misleading or claims which are false, either a case mistaken identity, or other situation. There can be factors that must be brought to light to avoid charges being filed , or to fight to get the charges reduced. My firm investigates your situation and carefully looks over the evidence against you. I strive to get the charges against you reduced or dismissed and to keep you from having a permanent criminal record. At times, when an agreement is made for you to perform community service or get counseling, negotiation with a D.A. can cause the charges against you to be dismissed. This can provide the opportunity for your record to remain clean and for you to get a new start in life.

When we have to go to trial, I work to effectively challenge the evidence and to force the prosecution to prove its case towards the goal of you being found not-guilty.

Contact a Tracy theft crime attorney if y ou are charged with a theft crime of any sort and desire proven legal assistance.

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As a former prosecutor, I have handled an extensive and heavy caseload and spent countless hours negotiating with other attorneys and preparing for and taking cases to trial. As a prosecutor I handled over 500 arraignments, 40 cases to resolution, and five jury trials, including a six week special circumstance homicide trial, as a second chair attorney. It is this experience that I will bring to your case. You can be assured, my office will communicate with you as your case develops and zealously represent you. While my office handles a variety of types of cases I have dedicated a majority of my practice to representation in criminal law, bankruptcy, and personal injury.