White Collar Crimes/ Embezzlement

The term "white collar" crime is fairly recent and is meant to refer to offenses in which there was no force or violence or the threat of it. Although anyone can be charged with a white collar crime, it commonly refers to illegal actions by businessmen, professionals and corporate executives. Generally, these crimes are concerned with the taking or obtaining of money or property in an illegal manner. Insurance fraud, bribery, identity theft, counterfeiting, extortion, grand larceny and embezzlement are all example of white collar crimes. Contingent upon the crime you are accused of and the circumstances surrounding it, they can be prosecuted at either the state or federal level.

It is important to retain the services of a committed Tracy criminal defense lawyer as soon as you feel you are under investigation or may be charged with any white collar crime. It is normal for these types of offenses to be investigated and a case developed for a long time prior to anyone being charged. If you have been subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury or you have had state or federal officials asking you questions, it is urgent that you contact Michael S. Martin, P.C. If you give statements or provide documents without the direction of a well-versed lawyer, these may be used to convict you of a crime.

Embezzlement at the Workplace

If I can get to work quickly on your case, I may be able to prevent a grand jury appearance. In cases where you have already been charged, I advise you to not talk to investigators until I have had time to review your situation and any evidence that they may have. The penalties for conviction on white collar crimes can be extremely tough. You may have to provide restitution for the property or monies that were taken and be incarcerated.

Embezzlement is a specific theft crime, normally involving an employment situation, in which you were legally trusted with property that was then stolen. If you are found guilty, you can receive hefty fines, probation and years in prison.

No matter the white collar crime someone is accused of, I help local citizens to resolve the charges they face towards the best outcome possible.

To protect your freedoms, immediately contact a Tracy white collar crime attorney if you are being investigated for or charged with any white collar crime.

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